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Why is “Banc de Binary” so superior binary options broker

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016

Why is “Banc de Binary” so superior binary options broker


In the world of binary options there are some names which stand out from the crowd, and they earned such a status due to good reputation and high quality of service. One such company is “Banc de Binary”, and in this “Banc de Binary” review we will explore the reasons which make this enterprise the leader in the market and why no other broker house can take the number one position.


mag_04-769x1024Almost every financial magazine has written a “Banc de Binary” review, and all of them deal with the same elements. For example, if we go by a chronological order – “Banc de Binary” appeared on the global market in 2009, on January 15th, and ever since that moment this broker has kept his leading position. Owned by and Israeli businessman who was the founder of the company and currently operates as the CEO, “Banc de Binary” was registered in Limassol, Cyprus, and it offered its services in trading with binary options. After a couple of years the numbers of clients exponentially increased, and it was recorded that in 2012 this company had over 250.000 registered accounts.


Large number of clients demanded some regulations, and in 2013 “Banc de Binary” was officially regulated by a well-known regulatory body called CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission), and this agency issued its license to this broker house under the number 188/13. This was a ground-breaking step in the history of “Banc de Binary” since it allowed it to operate on the European Market, which increased the number of clients and significantly boosted revenues.


banc-de-binary“Banc de Binary” nowadays operates as a multinational corporation, having a head company in Cyprus and two additional affiliate companies located in Israel and the Republic of the Seychelles respectively. They operate under one trademark name, which is, of course – “Banc de Binary”.


The reasons for superiority of this broker house are multiple and they belong to different types of services which are usually offered when trading with binary options is in question. For instance, the fact that “Banc de Binary” has one of the best software platforms on the market is certainly one of them, because the software solution provided by an Israeli company called “SpotOption” appeals to a lot of traders and they are all satisfied with how fast and responsive the interface actually is. Over 200 assets can be traded on this website, and traders can easily find their way around and the trading process is very efficient and productive.

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binary-option-strategyWith 80% success rate, “Banc de Binary” is among the highest brokers on the market, and with the introduction of trading signals and binary options robots, those numbers could go even higher. This broker house is not afraid to experiment or to add new features, and this visionary ability of the people who run this company is also an important part in the success of this enterprise. It is clear that “Banc de Binary” has a bright future in front of them, and it only needs to keep moving in the same direction.
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The benefits of trading with “24Option”

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016

The benefits of trading with “24Option”


         Binary options are a method of trading which can be extremely profitable if a good system is used and if the trader has the patience and knowledge to invest – smartly, not impulsively. Lots of people claim that binary options are a scam and that they solely rely on luck, meaning that there is no actual human contribution in the outcome and that real-life traders are there just to place the bets and not to actively decide when and where should they be placed or to influence the result. However, most experts disagree with this idea and they claim that human factor can often be decisive in the outcome, even though some external elements, such as chance, luck, coincidence or however you want to call it, can affect the final result in a strong way.


6a00d8354c0d2669e20191045a99d3970cExperts claim that if you want to have a positive balance in trading with binary options you must opt for a good binary options broker, and there are several companies in the market which can be classified as such and they provide a solid foundation for a profitable trading. For instance, a company that is called “24Option” boasts with a success rate of 70-80%, which means that every 7 or 8 out of your 10 investments will yield a profit, which is certainly a good ratio and something that attracts a lot of traders to this website.


binary-trading  “24Option”is a company that operates in this market for a long time now, and they are registered in Limassol, Cyprus, under the ownership of “Rodeler LTD”, and this broker house is often named among the top three best brokers in the world. What sets it apart from the majority of the companies that are involved in trading with binary options is the fact that this company genuinely cares about its customers and offers a superior trading experience. Besides a high payout rate, “24Option”will give you a wide range of services and features, making their website the only place that you will ever need if you look for a profit from binary options.


TechFinancials-IPOA renowned software provider, called “TechFinancialsis in charge of the interface and the platform of the website, and they have so far managed to keep it in great shape, with all necessary options running smooth and with no bugs, which is also important when it comes to the fast nature of trading with binary options. There are also mobile apps available, and this is another benefit that you get when dealing with “24Option” – your trades can be placed on the go and with freedom that this option includes.


Security and safety of your funds and personal information are a top priority for “24Option”as well, and this can be listed as another important benefit of using this broker. Protection of personal information or client’s investments is done with the biggest attention in this company, and several methods and protocols are used in this respect, making “24Option”a great and reliable option for any trader.

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Top binary robots: are we witnessing a revolution in binary options trading?

Posted by on Jan 27, 2016

Top binary robots: are we witnessing a revolution in binary options trading?



         As well as many other areas of human activity, financial transactions are also undergoing deep structural changes due to the fact that technology is improving faster than ever and that new upgrades are coming out almost on a daily basis. Long gone are the days where a certain popular product would last a generation before being replaced with something better, since today’s modern lifestyle does not have the luxury to be static and to wait a long time for a new idea. Of course, it can be argued about the long term effects of this activity and the implications of the fact that we rely on technology so much, but there is no hard evidence that letting robots do most of our work will be the end of us, as Hollywood movies often want us to believe.

businessman hand working with new modern computer and business strategy as concept

If we take a closer look at binary options, which is an area of financial market that heavily relies on top binary robots and the performances of those sophisticated computer programs, it is clear that using binary options robots only has benefits and advantages, and that drawbacks and downsides are only present in small traces. Top binary robots are reliable and 100% scam-free, and they provide much faster analysis of the market and they can make better calls and predictions than most humans would do. Also, as all machines and computers, binary options robots do not need breaks or rests, they do not sleep or eat, which means that they can do their job constantly and with equal levels of success. And, while we speak of success, it is important to note that the ordinary payout rate with top binary robots is 75-85%, which is a good result and a number that will certainly increase the trading and financial records of any new and inexperienced trader.


FTT_134426603713442660371650Most binary robots are now web-based, easy to use and fully customizable, making them easy for access and extremely functional. When it comes to customization, clients who sign up for the services of a binary robot are usually only required to fill in the required fields with some personal and contact information and the robot is good to go. However, before you start trading, there is one small step left. Clients are required to connect with their broker, or some other provider, in order to have a steady stream of trading signals coming in, because robots basically depend on the trading signals. Robots are in charge or reading and interpreting those messages and then they place the bids according to the prediction from the alert, but the customers still have a final say in this matter.

When they customize the program completely, i.e. decide what types off assets should be traded, how much money can be spent in a day, and some other stuff, the clients can enjoy in the benefits that top binary robots provide, and most traders use those computer programs to significantly increase their chances of a large profit when trading with binary options.

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